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Over 150 Years Combined Experts` Experience

Imperium Marketing has been providing outsourced Sales, Marketing and Events services to some of West Africa’s best regarded companies since 2005, on a Business to Business and Direct to Consumer basis.

The experience and knowledge we have gained over the years is unparalleled in the West African market. We understand the varying resourcing requirements, sales techniques and performance models to drive successful and compliant sales campaigns in highly competitive and regulated markets. 

We can offer more than just a field sales solution, we can also blend our direct sales solutions to work directly and indirectly with other services such as; telesales, online and digital marketing solutions. We also provide you with the latest technology to ensure a fast, efficient and high-quality sales operation and we can support you with a full sales back office solution for a complete customer journey. 

Contact us to find out more about how Imperium Marketing can drive sales for your face to face channel. Please call +234 906 000 7394 or email: info@imperiummarketingng.com

Imperium Marketing

Our Services

When it comes to interactive, immersive promotional activity, Imperium Marketing can help your brand tick all of the right boxes. We work with our clients to create powerful, positive, sensory experiences that are relationship building and drive brand awareness.

Do you desire to dominate your market space, achieve sustained and profitable growth? If your answer is yes, you are on your way to its realization.

Imperium Marketing’s Brand Activation Specialists are uniquely positioned to help you, stir the senses, generating a range of emotions to deliver your message to targeted audiences, create compelling visuals and live events that elicit consumer responses to your product or service.
As a leading West Africa retail audit company, our nationwide team of retail auditors can check practically any aspect of your business or service giving you immediate feedback.
Customers interact with your business in many different ways at different times. Some customers enjoy patronizing a particular brand as a result of the awesome experience received while others change their decisions of buying or using a service as a result of the impatience and de-service received from the company`s call centre agent.
At Imperium Marketing, we can take care of all of your graphic design and branding requirements, for all design applications, whether for digital or traditional marketing media.