As a leading West Africa retail audit company, our nationwide team of retail auditors can check practically any aspect of your business or service giving you immediate feedback. Our retails audit team can work on a covert basis to capture sensitive information or visit your locations openly to monitor compliance with pre-set standards.

Retails audits can be conducted as a one-off exercise or as part of a rolling programme.  Our data capture ensures that audit and compliance teams get the right level of information to support internal measurement frameworks.  Our field team operates with a nationwide reach, making frequent audits economically viable for your company. Bespoke requirements can be fulfilled by a team of our own experienced handpicked field associates to complete the audit work, releasing you from time-consuming report completion.

Our in-store observational audit services can help you to:

  • Review adherence to brand (brand audits) guidelines and company standards

  • Check product promotions and campaign activity

  • Understand retail compliance (compliance audits)

  • Conduct evidence-gathering exercises for regulatory requirements

  • Review placement and understand stock availability in store

  • Check staffing levels and access to customer support

Detailed in-store retail audit reports:

Once the audit visits/reports have been completed we provide you with online access to our market-leading insights dashboard where you can review the reports in relation to your audit or compliance monitoring survey.

Robust evidence capture – Our audit reports can contain images, video, audio recordings and anecdotal evidence.  We also apply a second tier of quality control checking to ensure any scoring in relation to an audit is justified with relevant and detailed feedback.

Broad Coverage – With national coverage and highly trained field assessors, our retail audits will provide you with an independent measurement.

Your sample checklist for retail audits

  • Validate key products lines are available on shelves

  • Check merchandise labelling for accuracy

  • Check brand placement/promotional compliance and POS material

  • Monitor price movements and benchmark competitors

  • Check packaging and display for regulatory compliance