Customers interact with your business in many different ways at different times. Some customers enjoy patronizing a particular brand as a result of the awesome experience received while others change their decisions of buying or using a service as a result of the impatience and de-service received from the company`s call centre agent. We at Imperium Marketing come in to help you have a total positive customer experience. Our services include Standard Mystery Shop visits to physical locations, Video Mystery Shopping, Call Centre Research, Customer Satisfaction Research and Online Mystery Shopping Services.

Our huge database of shoppers (100,000 and growing) worldwide means we can match your typical customer profile, delivering an accurate picture of the customer experience.

Imperium Marketing genuinely cares about your organisation and our mystery shopping programmes are devised to help you improve your level of customer satisfaction research, gain repeat custom and of course, help you to increase your profits. Whichever service you select the data is gathered and delivered through our state-of-the-art client dashboard.

We offer a comprehensive Mystery Shopping Package!


Mystery Shopping answers a lot of questions. You might be:

  • an insurer who wants to know what premiums your competitors are charging

  • a financial services company ensuring advisors comply with regulations

  • a retailer who needs to know how well your outlets conform with your policies

  • a franchisor wishing to ensure your franchisees are upholding your brand values

  • a local authority wanting to know how quickly email enquirers get a response

  • a business wanting to know how your competitors respond to inquiries


  • Retail

  • Hospitality, Leisure & Restaurants

  • Fast Food, Convenience & Forecourts

  • Online, eCommerce & Call Centres

  • Financial Services

  • Automotive

  • Property Developers & Estate Agents

  • Health, Wellbeing & Spas


Why mystery shop? Aiming for high standards each and every day ensures that employees promote and deliver your service to customers in the right way, mystery shopping has a fundamental role to play in delivering and maintaining these standards. You invest a great deal in ensuring every new employee is familiar with company processes and also trains them on how your customers should be treated. You then provide additional marketing activity to drive paying customers through your doors, job done. Why stop there though, building on that initial investment in training and marketing to test and maintain standards is a valuable investment for any company.

Progressive companies put measures in place beyond the traditional sales KPI’s and manger appraisals. Mystery shopping is the perfect tool to help you provide focus to your initial training activity and ongoing employee knowledge of service, marketing campaigns, and compliance if required. Providing great customer service leads to positive feedback and your ability to retain customers. After all your returning customers are where you generate your growth and future profits.


Whilst mystery shop provides a snapshot of service, repeat visits over a period of time help to build a robust picture of service and track improvements or areas of weakness. Reinforcing your company culture via mystery shopping demonstrates a commitment to your staff and your customers. With a well-designed programme, every customer has the potential to be a mystery shopper which helps to maintain product and brand standards beyond the scope of the programme itself.


  • Provides robust monitoring of service delivery

  • Monitors compliance in regulated industries

  • Improves customer retention

  • Maintains employee awareness of key service standards

  • Supports promotional programs

  • Identifies training needs and sales opportunities

  • Gather Net Promoter Scores (NPS) outside a customer surveys

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