Imperium Marketing works with some of the world’s most notable health & beauty brands.

We offer a range of specialist services to our health & beauty clients. Our field-based teams provide experts in pharmaceutical sales to drive opportunities. Beauty sales professionals educate and inform with in-store demonstrations and product sampling. We create compelling visual merchandising to drive awareness and maximise in-store brand visibility.

Imperium Marketing understands that brands operating within a regulated environment require the highest standards of quality and ethical service. Imperium Marketing hires highly-trained and professional health and fitness and beauty specialists to engage with your consumers and customers, ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

Imperium Marketing Mystery Shopping Offering to the Health & Fitness and Beauty Companies

If you manage a medical practice or a spa/salon group you already know that the wellbeing of the client is key to long term retention and growth of the business. Our nationwide field team of mystery shoppers are visiting medical practices, spas, beauty, and cosmetic brands across Nigeria to help our clients do just that.

As treatments and services within the health and beauty industry become more broad-ranging, so do the regulations to go with them.

Mystery shopping is not just about helping you to meet your obligations to regulatory requirements – compliant selling practices and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.  We can help assess an employees’ ability to follow procedures, ensuring both compliant delivery of your services or product whilst also measuring the overall customer experience.

Our mystery shoppers will work within the confines of a respective health and beauty survey with the support of one of our insights experts. Each health practice or spa survey is designed specifically to meet your needs as a client.

 The benefit for secret shoppers as health and beauty spa visitors

As part of our mystery shopper service for the health and beauty sector, we can send our potential customer in to measure not only the initial consultation process but also how well a treatment was discussed and delivered. This allows medical practitioners, beauty treatment providers and spas the opportunity to make sure that real clients are treated with the highest levels of service quality.

 Our typical mystery shopper visits can include:

  • The new client consultation process.

  • Customer service measurement during pre-treatment

  • Compliance checking at the sales or appointment stage

  • Relationship building, upsell, treatment and product knowledge.

  • Practice therapist assessments

  • Age Verification Testing

Once our visits have been completed, you will have a complete insights package to support your staff training and development. Access is available through our industry leading customer insight dashboards which is custom configured to your needs.

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