When it comes to interactive, immersive promotional activity, Imperium Marketing can help your brand tick all of the right boxes. We work with our clients to create powerful, positive, sensory experiences that are relationship building and drive brand awareness.

Consumer Activations are what we do. In 2020, we will carry out over 1,500 sales demonstrations and sampling days with the sole objective of turning shoppers into buyers. Join the move now!

Imperium Marketing develops one-to-one sampling activities and large-scale guerrilla marketing campaigns that form the basis of memorable and emotional connections between consumers and brands, generating customer loyalty and influencing a purchase decision. We create memorable events and engagements that single your brand out from the crowd, by focusing on the emotional connection.  We have a team of enthusiastic ambassadors that can promote your brand directly thereby encouraging consumers to connect with your brand through trial and adoption. Or, it might be a more complex sales proposition where people are encouraged to learn more through an experiential marketing campaign that engages your customers and immediately boosts sales. We can help you target the right audience, at the right time, in the right way.


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